ASAP 2023

July 19 - July 21 2023


ASAP’2023 will take place at the Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) of the University of Porto. FEUP’s location and ways of getting to FEUP are described below.


The city of Porto dates back to a pre-roman settlement of the name Cale. Although there is debate regarding the origin of the name, the prefix Portus was eventually attached originating the alternative pronunciation of Portucale, the origin of the name Portugal. 

Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP)

The University of Porto (Universidade do Porto) now has a history of just over century. Although it was formalized into its current status in 1911, its roots go even further back into the 17th century in the form of several schools later integrated into the University. In the early days of its inception, the University was comprised of: the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical & Chemical and Historic & Natural Sciences (de Ciências Matemáticas, Físico-Químicas e Histórico-Naturais) and the Faculty of Medicine (Faculdade de Medicina). 

Aggregated to the Faculty of Sciences was an Engineering School, which later gained autonomy under the form of the Technical Faculty (Faculdade Técnica). Later reform re-organized the newly founded school into the present day Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP).

Current installations for the Faculty of Engineering (2000-present) 


Universidade  do Porto, Faculdade de Engenharia (FEUP), 

Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, s/n, 4200-465 Porto, Portugal


FEUP is located in Portugal, on the northern edge of the city of Porto, near the “Circunvalação” ring road (EN12) and next to “Hospital de São João”.

Live Map

Annotated Map  (more information here)

How to get to FEUP

By Metro

FEUP is served by three Metro stations on line D (yellow) in zone C6:

For more information, please consult the Porto Metro Network Map.

By Train

If you arrive at Porto by train, you have 2 choices: 

By Bus

There are 4 bus lines in the Faculty’s area: 204, 300, 301 and 803. From the S. João Hospital, there are other lines of STCP, and regular routes to other cities. To choose which one best suits your needs, you can visit the STCP website.

By plane (“Sá Carneiro” Airport)

The quickest way of getting to FEUP from the airport (if you do not have transport waiting for you or do not intend to catch a taxi or an Uber) is to take Metro's E line (purple) into Porto. You will need to change at “Trindade” station and take D line (yellow). Then follow the directions given in the "By metro” section.


As FEUP is easily reached by metro, especially by using the yellow line, participants may choose to stay at Hotels in Porto’s downtown or near a metro station connecting to this line. There are, however, a couple of hotels at walking distance from FEUP (where the conference will take place):